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10. Travel method: The grand majority of all travel to Rwanda will be via plane. If you are already in Rwanda, you will likely take a different method of travel depending on the distance from Kigali. - Do you need transportation to the conference?


11. Transportation information: For this conference, Women Deliver’s Professional Conference Organizer will book you to and from Kigali, Rwanda. The Expected Travel Dates are July 15th – July 21st. This allows you to attend the conference and all relevant pre-conferences. If you would prefer to depart at a later date, please explain which dates and for which purpose. Please note that your scholarship does not cover extended dates. If you decide to extend your travel, you would be responsible for all additional expenses including accommodation, food, transportation etc. The flight cost will still be covered, as long as it does not exceed the original price.


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22. Do you need a Visa to enter Rwanda? 


23. Per diem payment options: As a scholarship recipient you will receive the following: 1. The equivalent of $50 US per diem (per day) to cover meals and incidentals, based on the number of nights stayed at the Women Deliver-sponsored hotel. 2. A fixed amount stipend for travel expenses to and from your home airport, and the costs associated with obtaining a travel visa, should a visa be required. In the field below, please indicate how you would prefer to receive it. - How would you prefer to receive this payment?


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44. Is my account properly set up to receive payments in US dollars from a US financial institution? If no, please ensure that your preferred account can receive US dollars from the US before you submit the form, to avoid any delays. 



Kigali Convention Center - KG 2 Roundabout, Kigali, Rwanda