Media & Content Creators Accreditation


Women Deliver invites representatives from media outlets and content creators to apply for a press pass to attend the upcoming Women Deliver 2023 Conference (WD2023). The pass will provide media and content creators with an opportunity to participate in and report on conversations on how to break barriers, address challenges, and identify opportunities to advance gender equality and sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), and improve the wellbeing of girls and women worldwide.  

Women Deliver also has a select number of scholarships available for journalists and content creators to attend the Conference. Media scholarships include hotel accommodation, economy airfare, visas and related costs, per diem, and health insurance (registration for media is already free).  

To apply, simply indicate in your media accreditation application that you are interested in a scholarship. Apply by 17 April for a chance to win a scholarship!   

Accreditation is exclusively for professional journalists working for media organizations, freelance journalists or content creators. Media personnel must submit a national/international journalist photo IDs. Content creators not affiliated with a media outlet must provide passport or other photo identification number. Accreditation for media and content creators will open here on 27 January 2023 and will remain open until 1 July, 2023. 

‍All applicants must register individually, even if more than one journalist or content creator is coming from the same outlet. Each media house can have more than one professional covering the Conference.‍ 

Please note that Rwanda offers a 30-day visa free on arrival for citizens of country members of the African Union, the Commonwealth and La Francophonie. For other countries, travelers can get a 30-day visa on arrival at a fee. Media personnel will need to get accreditation via the WD2023 Conference website and then go through the regular visa process for all visitors to Rwanda. Please visit the Rwanda Directorate General of Immigration and Emigration for visa application and further information. 

At WD2023, media professionals and content creators will be required to go to the registration desk to collect their official WD2023 media badge. Please note that you’ll need your ID document to register at the event. ‍ 

Media and content creator registration is free and includes the following services: Access to all conference sessions, exhibition halls, press green room, press conferences, and press material.  

Registered media and content creators may request 1:1 interviews with spokespeople, speakers, and attendees. While not guaranteed, we will try to accommodate such requests with advanced notice. 

The closing date for all applications is 1 July, 2023. Any applications past this date will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis as time allows. We encourage all those interested to apply early. For more information on media accreditation, please reach out to 

Note that any journalist who wishes to cover issues in Rwanda outside of the WD2023 must additionally request accreditation from the Rwandan Government via Journalists only covering the WD2023 Conference do not need to go through this additional step.   


Media accreditation guidelines  

WD2023 is open to: 

  • Journalists in possession of identification papers from recognized foreign press organizations (Foreign Press Association, national and state press associations, etc.) 
  • Radio and TV journalists, production firms who can present an official letter from a radio or TV company (original letterhead, no copy). If accompanied by a camera crew, the filming schedule must be submitted before the conference opens. 
  • Journalists representing online publications belonging to press syndicates or publishing houses and whose online publications are established information channels for communication  
  • Freelance reporters, editors and photographers who submit an official letter of assignment (on a company letterhead) from a bona fide publisher/editor/producer that states they are covering the conference for their organization. 
  • Content creators who submit an official letter of assignment (on company letterhead) from a bona fide producer that states that they are covering the conference for the organization OR who can provide a CV with links to their primary platform and all other platforms where they appear. (Please call out content that is relevant to Women Deliver 2023 conference themes.) Content creators include bloggers, online publishers, digital storytellers, newsletters authors, YouTubers, social media influencers, animators, podcasters, and more. Content Creators must be active in creating content on the key WD2023 Conference main themes, centering sexual and reproductive health and rights to address compounding issues impacting girls and women – from climate change, to gender-based violence, to unpaid care work. Applicants to this category must have a digital presence that showcases their portfolio of work.   
  • Photographers with valid documentary proof that they are working for a reputable media organization. 
  • There is no right to accreditation. If you do not belong to any of the above categories, you cannot be accredited and are required to register as a visitor to the conference. Those working on corporate publications and reports that are circulated internally or to a select group of clients are not eligible for accreditation. 

The final decision on all applications for media accreditation rests with Women Deliver. 


Rules and regulations: 

Women Deliver require that press and content creators wear their Women-Deliver-issued media/identification badge at all times. They must also introduce themselves and let any interviewees know when conversations are happening on the record or being recorded for the purposes of producing content that will be shared publicly. 

For additional information, please visit the WD2023 FAQs page: 


Registration phase  

Step by step media and content creators accreditation process.  

To register, you will be required to: 

   1. Apply to the Women Deliver media accreditation portal on the WD2023 platform 

   2. For media accreditation applicants only, provide the following details to enable processing of your accreditation:  

   3. Letter of assignment on an official letterhead of a media organization signed by the Publisher or Editor-in-chief, indicating the name of the media representative and duration of assignment. 

   4. Copy of a valid press card. In the absence of a press card, you may submit additional materials. 

   5. For content creators, submit an official letter of assignment (on company letterhead) from a bona fide producer or organization that states that they are covering the conference for the organization OR provide a CV with links to their primary platform and all other platforms where they appear. Please call out content that is relevant to Women Deliver 2023 conference themes. 

   6. Application review process will then begin. Women Deliver team will notify you if your accreditation is approved. Once accreditation is approved, please:  

   7. Print out the Registration Acknowledgement Form and bring it to the Conference.  

   8. Collect your badge on-site at the media registration desk at the Conference venue.  




Kigali Convention Center - KG 2 Roundabout, Kigali, Rwanda